The Gallaghers’ have a century and a half of family experience at the farm and on the retail side at the Butchery we benefit from decades of experience in the Meat Industry with the involvement of three brothers from the Arnold Family.

At the Farm

We do everything ourselves with our stock (including delivery) to ensure best practice for our animals’ welfare, as per the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights.  Cutting out the “middle men” means we work harder, but we then control the quality chain ourselves and can earn a fair return on our investment.

Brian Gallagher owner, breeder and farm manager

  • Pasture & land management
  • Breeding program, stock management & market selection
  • Wool Production
  • Barley, Wheat & Canola cropping

Leonie Gallagher, Owner & Finance Manager: Farm & Butchery

At the Shops

Our team at the shops are the heart and soul of our retail business and the way they interact and look after our customers is as important to us as ensuring the quality of the meat we produce.  With a combined 117 years of experience they are an unbeatable and innovative team.

Erindale Farm Butchery Business Manager: Maree Edwards  

Erindale Farm Butchery @ The Market Place 
Maree Edwards: Store Manager
Scott Franklin: Butcher, 5 years in the trade
Ethan Collins: Apprentice Butcher, 3 years in the trade

Erindale Farm Butchery @ Lyttleton Terrace 
Scott Manderson: Store Manager Butcher, 25 years in the trade
Anne Jackson: Service Assistant, 30 years in the trade