Quality Assurance starts at the farm where only the best is hand picked to go into our shops in the best condition to maximise eating quality.

We use no antibiotics, steroids or growth promotants and our pastures and crops are treated with 95% natural fertilisers.

We do not use any chemicals or gasses such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or nitrogen to improve the colour or increase the shelf life of our meat.  Erindale Farm meat needs no improvement.  (see Choice article below)

If a customer is not happy with any product it is replaced with no questions asked. 

We are accredited and quality checked by the following organisations:


We contract the services of ISO accredited Hardwick’s Abbatoirs in Kyneton to process our animals. 

Why pay good money for poor quality?

Choose unadulterated, farm fresh Erindale meat

Choice Consumer Article 
“Tricks of the Trade – meat”  30 November, 2010

“Chilled beef mince can now be stored for up to 44 days and cuts of lamb for up to 112. Some supermarkets still have their own butchery, but there’s a trend (following the US and UK) to distribute pre-butchered meat from a central location. It’s then either vacuum-packed or placed in special modified atmosphere packs for display. The gases used for these packs are carbon dioxide and nitrogen – carbon dioxide inhibits growth of micro-organisms and nitrogen is an inert filler.The gas mixture may also contain a small amount of carbon monoxide, which reacts with the myoglobin in the meat, producing a healthy-looking red colour, even when the meat is far from fresh. Carbon monoxide is permitted as a food additive in Australia, but it’s technically a “processing aid”, which means it does not have to be declared on the label. Neither of the big supermarket chains would tell us if they use carbon monoxide in packaging meat.”